Santa Claus—Leader of North Pole Operations. With the changing times, Santa has a lot to do to keep up with the current state of the world AND make sure his legacy lives on untainted.

Mrs. Claus—Santa's wife.
As matriarch of the North Pole, the Mrs. is worried about some of her husband's decisions and may have to exert her power to get her way!

Connie Claus—Santa's daughter. Connie is the heir apparent but someone without a lot of Christmas Spirit in her heart. Will her spoiled attitude ruin her chances to inherit the kingdom and legacy her father has built?

Kris Krangle—Santa's protégé. Hand-picked to marry Santa's daughter and take over North Pole operations, Kris is filled with kindness, generosity and a business sense worthy of running the North Pole. The only thing Kris is missing is the affection of Connie.

Jingle—Head elf. Groomed from adolescence to be Santa's right-hand man, Jingle oversees every aspect of the North Pole operations and events. He is the elf the others answer to.

Jangle—Elf. In charge of toy-designing, Jangle has a knack for making plans that some may see as outdated. Is Jangle's time in the workshop up or is there another reason for the lacking toy production?

Snappy—Elf. As Santa's official list maker, Snappy is responsible for reading the correspondence that comes in and goes out of the North Pole. There is rarely a request that Snappy has not heard… until this year.

Spanky—Elf. While children around the world are familiar with Santa's "naughty and nice" list, few realize that Spanky also makes an identical list for the inhabitants of the North Pole. Spanky will take charge if anyone steps out of line.

Bouncy—Elf. In charge of the reindeer, Bouncy is allowed to care for the animals, but that is where their decisions end.

Blinky—Elf. While Blinky considers himself the hardest working elf in the factory, there are others who would tell you different. It is hard to tell if Blinky's diligent behavior is intended to help boost toy production or aimed at his goal of becoming the next 'head elf'.

Ivy—Elf. Filled with a vengeance, Ivy has vowed to find the reindeer who ran over her husband and make them pay for his pain.
Holly—Elf. As Jingle's main squeeze, Holly has used her position to her advantage—even when it angers others.

Sparky—Elf. Tired of always being a worker-elf, Sparky is ready to use their wits and resources to promote their position.

Rudolph—Reindeer. With his position on the sleigh guaranteed, Rudolph has not been living up to his potential and testing his boundaries.

Dasher—Reindeer. As the fastest reindeer, Dasher's speed prevents him from being removed from the sleigh team… unless he is found guilty of something terrible!

Cupid—Reindeer. The belle of the barn, Cupid is a sucker for true love and appears to be more worried about her beau's position on the sleigh than her own.

Vixen—Reindeer. Smitten by power and intrigued by position, Vixen will do anything to remain Rudolph's girlfriend… as long as he remains on the sleigh team.

Blitzen—Reindeer. A committed team player, Blitzen simply wants to see the sleigh team get faster to ease Santa's worries.

Dusty—Reindeer. With his sights set on joining Santa's sleigh team, Dusty has worked hard to prove himself a worthy reindeer. However, it will take an opening on the sleigh for Dusty to be in!

Holiday Wishes—North Pole postmaster. In charge of communications, Holiday often uses their position to collect data as well as deliver it.

"Accident" Now Deemed Crime

We were hopeful that the reindeer responsible for Daffy's tragic accident last week would step forward and take responsibility for their part in this unfortunate incident. Regretably, this has not happened, forcing this accident to be classified as a crime and a formal investigation to ensue. If you have any information to report, please do so to Jingle, who will be handling all of the details of this inquisition.

Thank you.


Until further notice, due to its disorienting effects, North Pole inhabitants are prohibited from drinking eggnog unless specifically approved by Santa.

Thank you,


Please be sure to be at the Staff Meeting (reindeers and elves alike) next Monday to discuss all the changes that Santa plans to impliment in order to make sure the toy production and delivery efficiency increases in order to meet the expanding demand for Christmas toys.


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Thomas Nast established Santa's workshop and official residence at the North Pole in four different drawings between 1879 and 1886. On January 4, 1879, Harper’s Weekly published "A Christmas Post," showing a girl putting a letter in the mailbox, addressed to St. Claus, North Pole. The sketch titled "The Shine of Saint Nicholas" published on December 31, 1882, showed good children at the North Pole; Santa was seated on a box with the inscription "Saint Nicholas, North Pole." Harper’s Weekly on December 19, 1885 published "Santa Claus’s Route," a sketch showing two children looking at a map of the world and tracing Santa's journey from the North Pole to the United States.

Finally, in "Santa Claus and His Works," printed in Harper’s Weekly in 1886, Nast showed Santa and his workshop at Santa Claussville, North Pole. In 1869, American writer George P. Webster published Santa Claus and His Works and took up this idea, explaining that Santa's toy factory and "his house, during the long summer months, was hidden in the ice and snow of the North Pole". Although his name did not appear on the cover, the seven color illustrations were provided by Nast, who gave us a look at the red and white suit of Santa. Many of the illustrations in the book were colorized expansions of the woodcuts from Harper’s Weekly.

***The other 'north pole' story...

Children naturally wanted to know where Santa Claus actually came from. Where did he live when he wasn't delivering presents? Those questions gave rise to the legend that Santa Claus lived at the North Pole, where his Christmas-gift workshop was also located.

In 1925, since grazing reindeer would not be possible at the North Pole, newspapers revealed that Santa Claus in fact lived in Finnish Lapland. "Uncle Markus", Markus Rautio, who compared the popular "Children's hour" on Finnish public radio, revealed the great secret for the first time in 1927: Santa Claus lives on Lapland's Korvatunturi - "Ear Fell"

The fell, which is situated directly on Finland's eastern frontier, somewhat resembles a hare's ears - which are in fact Santa Claus's ears, with which he listens to hear if the world's children are being nice. Santa has the assistance of a busy group of elves, who have quite their own history in Scandinanvian legend.

Over the centuries, customs from different parts of the Northern Hemisphere thus came together and created the whole world's Santa Claus - the ageless, timeless, deathless white-bearded man who gives out gifts on Christmas and always returns to Korvatunturi in Finnish Lapland.

Since the 1950s, Santa has happily sojourned at Napapiiri, near Rovaniemi, at times other than Christmas, to meet children and the young at heart. By 1985 his visits to Napapiiri had become so regular that he established his own Santa Claus Office there. He comes there every day of the year to hear what children want for Christmas and to talk with children who have arrived from around the world. Santa Claus Village is also the location of Santa's main Post Office, which receives children's letters from the four corners of the world.

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