With Ho Ho Homicide set at the North Pole, it is the PERFECT time to utilize
your Christmas and/or winter decorations.Here are some more ideas on how to make
your venue *EXTRA* special for your MURDER MYSTERY party!

Light Rule

  • Make your own NORTH POLE to place by your party entrance. (Complete do-it-yourself directions included with mystery - see picture below!)

  • Have “Reindeer Crossing” signs as you come up the walkway. (Design included in mystery.)

  • Create a directional sign, directing your guests to the party. (Designs and directions on making included with mystery - pictured below!)
    North Pole ReindeerCrossing

  • Hang a "North Pole" sign (design included with mystery).

  • Create a WInter Wonderland by hanging snowflakes all around. (Hang with fishing line - inexpensive and clear!)
    Ho Ho Homicide

  • Have signs around the venue, designating areas like Elf Clubhouse, Mrs. Claus' Kitchen, Toy Workshop and more! (Designs included in mystery.)
    Reindeer Fly ZoneElf Clubhouse Sign

  • Make one of your rooms the reindeer barn. Complete it with harnesses, rope, leashes, hay bales, sleigh bells and brushes.
  • Light it Up!
    • Buy a couple of sets of┬áChristmas lights and string them along the walls. Turn off the room lights to create a cozy atmosphere.
    • Put the lights in an old wine jug and have them illuminate the room.
    • Put the lights underneath a sheer, shimmering or white table cloth to give it an extra effect!

  • Ornament Hang Up. Let the ceiling be the decorative focal point of the party. Using fishing line cut in various lengths, hang simple ball ornaments around the room. You could also arrange bunches from light fixtures for a cool chandelier effect. Use brightly colored ornaments or buy clear glass ones and make your own.

  • Buy Inexpensive and shiny ornaments in large quantities and use them to decorate the space. Place them in large bowls as centerpieces, scattered on the floor, placed on random surfaces and hung from the ceilings. By purchasing in large amounts, you will save on costs and have enough ornaments to pull the theme through your entire party space!

  • Tree Trimming. Ask everyone to bring one hugely tacky ornament, and have a contest to see who brings the worst one. Have your guests decorate your tree while you are there.

  • Spray paint old bottles to create this winter wonderland centerpiece! Find out how here.

  • Wrap large boxes with Christmas paper and large bows. Set out around the party space.

  • Poinsettias and wreaths are relatively cheap and make beautiful and festive decorations.

  • Tack up some mistletoe at each doorway and enforce that your guests follow the kissing-under-the-mistletoe rule. (We're big fans of embarrassment.)

  • Decorate your house with miniature stockings that have your guests' names written on them. Stuff the stockings with candy that you can buy in bulk, and give them to your guests as party favors. OR use the stockings to have your guests name tags, money and objectives within them. A perfect way to distribute them!

  • A lot of candy companies sell their products wrapped in Christmas colors this time of year. Buy a few bags and pour the candy into large bowls -- you get edible Christmas decorations THE BEST KIND!

  • Make ANY space Christmas/wintery with some scene setters.

  • Hang a Cinnamon-Apple Wreath on your door to commemorate the season. Make one here.

  • Make centerpieces out of things you have laying around. See how here.

get creative with your table!
No matter what you do, you can really pull through the theme, simply in how you set your dinner or food table.

Some ideas to help you with your table:

  • Find old Christmas fabric, table cloths, etc.
  • Use Christmas wrapping paper to create a backdrop for your table, placemats, table runner, even a table cloth!
  • Search out inexpensive Christmas decorations at your local dollar store.
  • Use red and green colored paper/plastic plates -- much more inexpensive than plastic or patterned plates and gives the same, festive effect!
  • Find large quantities of ornaments and use them as centerpieces (see above). By purchasing in quantity, you will cut down on the price and have enough to scatter throughout your party venue and pull together your theme!
  • Purchase one swatch of festive fabric, cut into strips and use as napkin bows.
  • Use festive holiday ribbon to tie your silverware together in lieu of napkin rings!
  • Spray paint old wine bottles and other bottles red, green, white and silver for centerpieces.

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Light Rule
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